SAX/C++: GCJ and CNI

David Brownell david-b at
Tue Dec 28 22:17:07 GMT 1999

I've not been closely following this discussion, but I don't think
that one interesting point got raised yet.

That point being that a side effect of the "GNU Compiler for Java"
(GCJ -- see such a binding is more or
less defined automatically from the Java binding.  For some folk this
may suffice ... there _will_ be multiple SAX/C++ bindings.

Look at the GCJ and LIBGCJ pages for more information if this sounds
at all interesting.  "CNI" is the binding; it's much lighter weight
than JNI (which has been known to kill all performance advantages of
using native code due to its call overhead).  It's a goal to have C++
and Java code interwork as smoothly as C++ and C do.

A sample CNI interface is included below.

If you go to my XML page ( you'll
see everything is set up to work with GCJ.  To try it now, you should feel
comfortable compiling GCJ (compiler and runtime!) from source, have the
bandwidth to download ~15Mb source snapshots, and cope with the bugs.

For the record, when I've run GCJ it's been mostly faster than Sun's
JVM (including x86 JIT), but not always.  Yes, folk are hard at work
making this faster, and fixing the bugs.  (And as always, help is much
appreciated.)  GCC/EGCS 2.96 should be very interesting!!

- Dave

// DO NOT EDIT THIS FILE - it is machine generated -*- c++ -*-

#ifndef __org_xml_sax_DocumentHandler__
#define __org_xml_sax_DocumentHandler__

#pragma interface

#include <java/lang/Object.h>
#include <gcj/array.h>

extern "Java"
  namespace org
    namespace xml
      namespace sax
        class DocumentHandler;
        class AttributeList;
        class Locator;

class ::org::xml::sax::DocumentHandler : public ::java::lang::Object
  virtual void characters (jcharArray, jint, jint) = 0;
  virtual void endDocument () = 0;
  virtual void endElement (::java::lang::String *) = 0;
  virtual void ignorableWhitespace (jcharArray, jint, jint) = 0;
  virtual void processingInstruction (::java::lang::String *,
::java::lang::String *) = 0;
  virtual void setDocumentLocator (::org::xml::sax::Locator *) = 0;
  virtual void startDocument () = 0;
  virtual void startElement (::java::lang::String *,
::org::xml::sax::AttributeList *) = 0;

#endif /* __org_xml_sax_DocumentHandler__ */

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