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DuCharme, Robert DuCharmR at
Mon Feb 1 19:36:35 GMT 1999

>Or one step up in size, DocBook 3.1 in XML:

Discussions on the Davenport list about the possibility of a "DocBook
Lite" have ended up concluding that different subsets of it work best
for different people, so there's no single "DocBook Lite" out there.
Apparently, making one's own customized subset of DocBook is pretty
common, so keep that in mind if the full DTD is more than you need. Its
modular design makes this kind of subsetting easier. 

I've used my own "DocBook Very Lite" for examples in writing about SGML,
but at 24 element declarations, it's a bit too light for a lot of
applications. I use it for taking notes and things; I wrote a perl
script that converts Emacs outline format to it so that I can use Norm
W's DSSSL style sheets to make nice RTF out of my Emacs outlines. If
anyone's interested, see "ol2dbvl" on

Bob DuCharme       <bob@>  see for "XML:
The Annotated Specification" from Prentice Hall.

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