Regulating the XML Marketplace

Borden, Jonathan jborden at
Fri Jan 8 15:12:09 GMT 1999


	1) Its not that plumbing is unexiting and 2) Paul is just being honest.
Linux and Java are in the same boat at XML in terms of the fact that their
are different OS's and languages. Its not about the fact that something CAN
be done, for example, I COULD go back to coding assembler, and I would be
able to write programs, certainly SGML has been around for a while and has
had mostly a supraset of XML's capabilities. The real issue is the ease of
performing a task, and obtaining a momentum so that black boxes can become

	Perhaps because XML is plumbing, it has been able to gain its own momentum.
Who is the evangelist of the Web today? or of the Internet in general? or of
E-mail? Certainly their are market leaders and visionaries but for truly
important things, their importance can become self-evident.

	If I am building a house, the importance of installing plumbing is evident.

	Jonathan Borden

> At 05:54 AM 1/8/99 -0600, Paul Prescod wrote:
> >XML is plumbing. Unlike Web-tac-toe, there is NOTHING that can be done
> >with XML that could not be done with one of the dozens of proprietary,
> >hierarchically structured languages that preceded it.
> I find it very sad that people don't value plumbing, argue that
> infrastructure is fundamentally unexciting, and ignore the fact that
> without infrastructure improvements like plumbing itself, railroads,
> highways, and the Internet, we'd be in a very different place, one I don't
> think too many of us relish returning to.  The builders of those
> improvements couldn't always see their results, but I don't think you'd
> have heard them saying that there was NOTHING new that you could do with
> their facilities.

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