Regulating the XML Marketplace

Shekhar Kshirsagar skshirsa at
Fri Jan 8 16:51:55 GMT 1999

I agree with Matt. 
I think way of exchanging structure information on Web in an interoperable
way -
XML or something else, is the need of today and tomorrow. 

The earlier standards for data exchange didn't become popular may be
because enough
initiative was not there to support those standards in the Web environments.
XML is not great but most importantantly it's simple and so widespread
support of XML 
seems to be feasible in near future.

Eventually XSL will allow easy & flexible display of of XML data in the
I see lot of opportunity for XML based applications once the Web browsers
have a 
stabilized support for XML/XSL/DOM.

May not be just XML, but XML + XSL + DOM support within popular browsers is
definitely exciting and opens lot of opportunities for killer apps.

Shekhar Kshirsagar
Nortel Networks.

At 05:04 PM 1/8/99 +0100, Matthew Sergeant (EML) wrote:
>	I think the problem is that XML on the web (specifically in the
>browser) isn't there yet. For example, prior to Java it was also possible to
>do Tic-Tac-Toe (or "Noughts and Crosses" as we call it in England) as a
>Plugin, and you could do the legwork of doing 2 plugins if you wanted to
>support both IE and Netscape. Java changed that. What XML in the browser
>will give us is this sort of benefit (and I don't mean
>WriteOnceRunEverywhere) - it will reduce the amount of code needed to do
>things like search product catalogues, import external data, etc. Yes, it's
>still plumbing in a way, the difference might just be in time to market
>though. Got XML, got XSL - you can display it. This is a whole lot simpler
>than a backend connected to a database that creates HTML.
>	Matt.

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