Additional declarations included directly in xml document

Carlos Ramirez Palacin CRAMIREZ at
Thu Jan 14 10:48:51 GMT 1999


I have a problem with the additional declarations in a xml document.
If I include the element pp declaration in my xml document
Where could be appear the element pp?
In any place within the xml document?
Between <XMI> and </XMI> ?
At the same level that <XMI.header>?

<?xml version="1.0" ?> 
<!DOCTYPE XMI SYSTEM "uml.dtd" [
	<!ELEMENT pp (pp.ElementName,
		pp.ElementType) >
	<!ELEMENT pp.ElementName (#PCDATA) >
	<!ELEMENT pp.ElementType (#PCDATA)>
<XMI xmi-version="1.0"> 
<XMI.metamodel name="uml" version="1.1" /> 

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