XML EDI career question

Hemant Agarwal prabakar at ad1.vsnl.net.in
Wed Jan 20 02:55:57 GMT 1999

I am interested in making a career in Ecommerce.
I am doing a course in EDI and also have learned about the 
Internet EDI facility put up by emergence of XML.

Kindly let me know, other than EDI , what technologuies should I be thorough with.

XML is one of them,where can I find XML-EDI integration cases.
 Is Java necessary .
Kindly write in detail and also
guide me to good resources on the above and Specially XML-EDI
Your suggestions and views are welcomed.
Hemant Agarwal
Ahmedabad, India
is at vsnl.com
Voice: 9179 6465663
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