XSL/ECMAscript (was RE: Frontier as a scalable XML repository (was Re: Is XML dead already or what?))

Dave Winer dave at userland.com
Sun Jan 31 14:59:10 GMT 1999

Simon, I've been trying to follow those XSL debates and my eyes glaze over.
I come from such a different world! To me that's the charm of XML, the
people it brings together. I can get a passionate appraisal from Tim Bray
that opens my eyes only to the fact that we don't speak the same language,
but his words are so intriguing. 

You say this is a wide-ranging thread, you ain't seen nothin yet! Here goes..

One more thing to point you all to. We've been promoting XML-RPC as a way
of building distributed Internet applications. This has been going on since
April last year. After Allaire joined the fray, we got a lot of new support
and the system has been growing. A sub-item to the XSL processor site, but
a much more earthshaping trend is the support we're getting in the Java
world for XML-RPC.

Some of the most intersting stuff has come from people who are lurking on
this list. I would be remiss if I didn't point you all to the XML-RPC site.
This is growing right now, and I think it's very significant, esp in the
areas we've been touching on.

Here's the Java XML-RPC implementation:


And here's the central XML-RPC site with pointers to many of the other sites:


And here's a DaveNet piece I wrote on Friday that explains where we're
going and provides new information on how we got here:


Read the part about XML-RPC search engines, and Microsoft and XML-RPC.

I know I'm responding to a fire hose with my own fire hose. But between all
these hoses I think there's something great happening.


At 09:35 AM 1/31/99 -0500, Simon St.Laurent wrote:
>At 02:02 PM 1/31/99 +0000, Mark Birbeck wrote:
>>This makes your case weaker Dave, I'm afraid, if you enlist Paul's
>>'insights'. Part of his site seems ill-informed to me - criticising XSL
>>for using a 'renamed JavaScript, called ECMCAScript', as if it was XSL
>>that renamed it!! - and part of it sort of misses the point about what
>>is so exciting about storing documents as XML.
>>[...much about XSL and ECMAScript...]
>This thread(s) has proven more capable of shifting subjects than any I've
>seen in a while - now we have someone on the list debating the ideas of
>someone it's not even clear is on the list, about something that's been
>fought over a few thousand times on the XSL mailing list.  (And I'm saying
>this as a long-time thread abuser. Apologies for the crazy-long subject
>I think at this point most folks who've encountered those discussions are
>willing to acknowledge that reasonable people can disagree, even violently,
>about most anything involving XSL, especially ECMAScript and even the need
>for XSL, without it being a stain on the other ideas they support.  
>These are hotly contested issues - though some people on all sides may
>firmly believe themselves to be taking the 'right' approach, I don't think
>opinions on XSL should be used to disqualify someone's opinions about other
>aspects of XML processing.
>Simon St.Laurent
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