Unix/Java design issues (Was: Re: Is CDATA "structure"?)

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Wed Jul 21 21:10:05 BST 1999

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> Windows NT is perfectly Unicode aware, and I routinely view XML documents
> in
> Notepad on my NT box.  All of the characters are fine, with the only
> problem
> being the LF-CRLF-CR problem that started this thread in the first place.
> I
> am 87% sure that Windows 95 uses the windows-1250 or windows-1252
> character
> set internally, although it may also have some level of Unicode awareness.
> (I'm not sure about that.)  And I haven't the faintest idea what character
> set Windows 98 uses natively, although I'd like to hope that it's Unicode.
	Windows 98 is like Windows 95, but here is the kicker -- both can
convert from the codepage that they are setup with to/from unicode.  This is
significant because COM on Win9x as well as NT is *ALL* unicode internally
(thus, MS's DOM (being a COM object) does everything internally in unicode
all the time (although I must plead ignorance as to its usage of the
LF-CRLF-CR thing that this thread is about).

Blair L. Murri
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