XML through SSL ??

Om Band om at lgsi.co.in
Wed Jul 28 10:44:47 BST 1999

We have implemented SSL (Secured Socket Layer)  in our project. When the XML "FORM" contacts the (Java) Servlet it should throw an XML page with *https* protocol...... But the browser says "XSL : Access is denied" !!

The same page I can see directly (by address) in browser (through https), but not programmatically through servlet !! XML is also referring XSL through https.

(But the same servlet can throw HTML page through https !!!!! So I guess it finds the XML but not the XSL)

But one more catch is......as my servlet extends HttpServlet, the XML "FORM" is contacting the servlet through "http" & not through "https".........[ even I tried through https, but the FORM doesn't recognizes the servlet !!! I guess Java Servlet doesn't support SSL, am I right ?? ]

Is anybody doing similar work ??


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