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                                My design and knowledge is still evolving:
I need to produce a file which goes like this
    <Company> [Indexed]

The DOM tree in this approach allows me to take say contact details as a fragment and make it available in another place in my application, I would assume XQL would likewise allow me to collect a large number of these fragments from conforming records and create another DOM tree. Example all line items in all the invoices for this month.Which can then be sorted according to their GL sales codes and summed for each GL sales code to produce reports eg. sales by product group last month.

My requirement falls outside the standards in that I do not need to have my internal organisation conform to the standards. I wish to generate XML conforming data which can then have a style sheet applied to them to produce HTML or XHTML documents.

ie. The output of my application is XML while I have a database of XML "records" indexed in a Btree file for quick lookup and listing on the screen in a specialised lookup dialog.

Is there any simple C++ parsers SAX and / or DOM like available. Most of the Code I have looked at aims to conform to the DOM specs while I only need to have code which builds a DOM tree which can be walked.

How do other people tackle this sort of problem?

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