XML parser problem related to Steven Holzner's code in XML Complete

Jami Kuan jkuan at infoserve.net
Fri Jun 4 07:36:18 BST 1999


I'm new comer to the subject of XML, and the first book I read in XML is Steven
Holzner's XML Complete.  His book is quite easy to follow, but unfortunatly,
many changes have taken place since it was published, and I am having trouble to get
started, even running some of the samples codes in the book.

In many of the java files (Steven used Java mostly), the following three lines
are present:

import com.ms.xml.ParseException;
import com.ms.xml.Document;
import com.ms.xml.Element;

Whenever I try to run a file with those three lines in it, a class definition
not found error is given.

According to the book, there is a file called xmlinst.exe avail. from
http://www.microsoft.com/standards/xml/xmlparse.htm.  Once I ran xmlist, the microsoft COM
Java package will be installed, and I was supposed to drag the COM folder into the
Java\classes directory in Win Explorer so that the Java programs can find the
parser class easily.

However, Microsoft has reorganized the web site, and the parser is now integrate
into the VM.  I downloaded and installed the SDK 3.2, JVM build 3181, and the
two class files, but I still get the same errors.

According to the book, the following major MSXML classes are used in the sample codes:


Could you please give me some ideas as how to set up my development environment
so that I could get started?

Thanks very much,
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