Posting Data Islands

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I don't quite understand the comment about replacing 
a named temporary buffer for XML sent to me from a server 
by a namespace, but here's an example of posting an 
XML data island to a server: 
function postTextAreaXMLToServer() { 
   // Get a new XML Document (these 3 lines not required if 
   // "doc" was already the name of an XML Data Island 
   // in the page). In my example I let the user type in 
   // an XML document in a TEXTAREA on the form whose 
   // name="toSend". doc.loadXML() loads raw text and parses 
   // it as an XML document.  
   var doc = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLDOM"); 
   doc.async = false; 
   // Get an instance of the HTTP Request/Response Object 
   var msg = new ActiveXObject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP"); 
   // Open an HTTP message to define its characteristics"POST","http://smuench-lap/echoxml.jsp",false); 
   // Send the "doc" XML Document (/Data Island) 
   // Interpret the response. In this case my server JSP page 
   // parses the sent XML file and sends back the same XML 
   // file as a "text/xml" mimetype (an echo test). 
   toReceive.value = msg.responseXML.documentElement.xml;  
For complete details... 
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