XSL Debate, Leventhal responds to Stephen Deach

Jonathan Borden jborden at mediaone.net
Thu Jun 10 21:12:18 BST 1999

Simon St.Laurent wrote:
>At 09:10 PM 6/9/99 -0400, Jonathan Borden wrote:
>>I have a right to use and develop systems using XSL. You are arguing
>>my freedom to develop systems using the standard of my choice.
>Rights?  Are you kidding?  In standards you have no rights, except maybe
>the right to complain.  You still have plenty of freedom to develop systems
>- it just may not be the 'standard' of your choice.
>Like it or not, if Tim Berners-Lee decides he doesn't like XSL (seems
>unlikely but possible to me), it won't become a W3C recommendation.
>Period.  XSL will probably just move someplace else, but the 'standard' of
>your choice will have to come from another body.  (And yes, I know the W3C
>isn't technically a 'standards' body in the IS0 sense.)
>W3C process may suck, but it hardly means that you have rights.

    James Clark gave me the right to use his implementation of XSL, IBM gave
me the right to use its implementation of XSL, Microsoft gave me the right
to use its implementation of XSL. (no intention to leave out other
implementations, but this makes the point :-)

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