XPointer question

Stefan Kreutter stefan at objectfarm.org
Tue Mar 2 11:45:24 GMT 1999

Hello there!

given the following XML-snippet:

  <customer id="foo">
    <name>Bart Simpson</name>
  <customer id="bar">
    <name>Homer Simpson</name>

can I use th following XPointer to get the customer ID of Bart Simpson:

root().child(all, customer).child(1,name).string(1, "Bart
Simpson").ancestor(1, customer).attr(id)

I guess this sould work since the XPointer grammar allows to place
OtherTerm after a StringTerm, but I'm not sure if I understood the spec

Since string() might return portions of multiple nodes (see 3.7 of
WD-xptr-19980202) applying ancestor() seems a little problematic.

BTW is there a typo in the XPtr-spec? In grammar rule [2] it says:

  [2] OtherTerms ::= OhterTerm | OtherTerm . OtherTerm

shouldn't that be:

  [2] OtherTerms ::= OhterTerm | OtherTerm . OtherTerms

this would allow XPointers of any length not just one or two OtherTerms.

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