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Lars Marius Garshol larsga at
Fri Mar 19 08:29:37 GMT 1999

* Lars Marius Garshol
| Hmmm. Now you lost me. What kind of IDL2XML converter did you have
| in mind? Did you really mean a CDR2XML converter? Or IIOP2XML-RPC?

| Neither i was thinking of converting a IDL into a DTD. The DTD will
| need to suport data types. 

You'll have to provide a framework for that yourself, I'm afraid. XML
has no concept of octet, long long, short, boolean, sequence and so
on. It's still possible to use XML, but I think you'd have to go with
a single DTD and do your own type/error checking. It's not as bad as
it may sound, as you'd have to do that at some level anyway.

Anyway, if you want to do your own work in this area I have a flexible
IDL parser written in Common Lisp, which you can have the source to.
It's not complete, but it could easily be used for this kind of thing.
I haven't optimized it yet (or even started declaring types), but it's
already noticeably faster than VisiBrokers Java IDL parser.

| Any XML doc generated from that DTD could then be used to pass data
| between ORB's instead of IIOP.

I'm not sure this has much value, except insofar as it is easier to
develop support for than full CORBA. But XML-RPC already does that.

One thing you might look at is using the IDL to automatically produce
stubs and skeletons that marshal and demarshal XML-RPC requests. I'm
not sure if that's really necessary for the language you use, though.
(Whichever language that may be. :)
| This XML-RPC things looks good but i don't know what it is as i have
| only founds a few lightweight docs on it. I searched w3C but i can't
| find it.  Has it been submitted to W3C?

I don't think so, no.  If it had been it should have been on
<URL:> as a note.  Anyway, I think this is
outside the scope of the W3C, although HTTP-NG does similar things.

The spec is at: <URL:>

--Lars M.

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