SAX2 RFD: LexicalHandler draft v.1.1

David Megginson david at
Sun Mar 21 18:29:06 GMT 1999

Lars Marius Garshol writes:
 > * David Megginson
 > |
 > |     public abstract void xmlDecl (String version,
 > | 				  String encoding,
 > | 				  String standalone)
 > | 	throws SAXException;
 > Should we perhaps make standalone a boolean instead?  It can only have
 > two values anyway, and this will spare us a lot of
 > standalone.equals(this or that).

Duh! <sound effect="loud slap on forehead"/> &hellip; thanks for
catching that one.

 > |     public abstract void startDTD (String doctype,
 > | 				   String publicID,
 > | 				   String systemID)
 > | 	throws SAXException;
 > I think naming doctype docelem or rootelem would be better. It took me
 > a couple of seconds to figure out what it meant.

Agreed -- I'll rename it to "root".

 > |     public abstract void startEntity (String name)
 > | 	throws SAXException;
 > Is this sufficient? Now we don't even know whether it's internal or
 > external. I know EntityResolver can be used to get that information
 > (including sysid and pubid), but I'd much rather see it included here
 > as well, since IMHO EntityResolver fills a separate role from the data
 > handlers. Often one would want to plug in a separate component there.

Actually, this is a sin of omission, but of a different kind -- I was
intending to add an extra note saying that entity declarations will be
reported through the DTDDeclHandler, which I'll be posting next.  In
other words, if the parser supports, you'll already have obtained the
information about the attribute declaration and all you need here is
the name.

 > How about this?
 >       public abstract void startEntity (String name, String publicID,
 >                                         String systemID)
 >         throws SAXException;
 > If systemID is null we know it is an external entity. Alternatively,
 > we could have a separate callback for external entities.

(You mean "If systemID is null we know it is an *internal* entity").
The problem is that a non-validating parser that does not read the
external DTD subset might not have seen the declaration for the
entity, so a null systemID is no guarantee that the entity was
declared internal.

Thanks, and all the best,


David Megginson                 david at

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