SQL queries expressed in XML

Kay Michael Michael.Kay at icl.com
Mon Mar 22 17:32:42 GMT 1999

> we recently had the idea to use XML to express SQL-like 
> queries (so this is
> not about querying XML -- it is about using XML to express 
> queries). It
> seems to me that we might not be the first ones; so has 
> anybody defined an
> XML document type for expressing SQL queries?
I've thought about the question and some of my thoughts are implemented in
SAXON's SQLStyleSheet, which is the beginnings of an XSL extension to allow
a stylesheet to update an RDBMS with data from an XML source document.

As always in this area the first problem is deciding how much of the syntax
should be "angle brackets" and how much should be rules for the content of
elements/attributes. The answer to that depends on tradeoffs between
different modes of use. So the question is, who is going to use it, and what

In particular if you are interested in queries, what are you planning to do
with the results? Print them out, merge them into the DOM representation of
the document, or what? 

Mike Kay
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