HELP Me : Throwing XML page through Servlet

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Tue Mar 30 10:34:07 BST 1999

    Kan U Help Mi Please ?

    I am developing a search engine which will have a XML
    search form linked with a Servlet. The Servlet should take input
    from the textfield of the XML form, scan the database for matches &
    generate an XML page with the results found.(Dynamically) !

    Ideally it should not make a file of that XML but should throw
    it directly to the client m/c. In this case I am not able to link it

    with the already created XSL stylesheet which will already be
    on the server (Static).

    Even with making a separate XML file I am not able to display
    the XML page through Servlet, though directly it could be displayed
    with the same address typed in Address field of the browser !!

    The code I am using for Servlet is............
    (This makes a separate file)

        doPost(HttpServletRequest, HttpServletResponse response)
            String file = "c:\\xml\\file.xml";

            fw = new FileWriter(file);
            pw = new PrintWriter(fw);

            pw.println("<?xml version=.....--------");        // Making
            pw.println("-------------------------");           // XML


    This code gives an error : xsl not found.
    (Which is there in the same dir)

    Alse How can I do this without making a separate .xml file ?

    THANKS !!


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