Questioning XSL

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There are plenty of customers I work with who want 
to build web pages and data structures for data-exchange 
by specifying a "template" of what they would like to 
come out and "plug-in" the data from their database query 
directly into the template. 
Many of these developers are familar with the declarative 
nature of SQL which lets them ask the database to 
"SELECT" what they want "FROM" the sources they need 
"WHERE" certain conditions exists. 
They are looking for a template-based way to create these 
pages and "datagrams" and are not willing to write 
DOM manipulation code to produce a simple web page output 
when something like: 
    <td><xsl:value-of select="salary"/></td> 
would be used to "plug-in" the data. 
I find many of Michael Leventhal's arguments of the 
   "You don't need XSL since you can do it with DOM" 
to be analogous to saying: 
   "You don't need SQL since you can get the data out 
    by using assembly language to iterate the bytes 
    on the disk blocks to retrieve what you need!" 
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