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The Alphaworks XML4C Discussion forum is a good place to start if you
have questions about XML4C. The URL is:

> > The question here is that how to create an XML file "back" from a DOM
> > Tree.  From a discussion i had sometime back on this mailing list I
> > learnt that SUN's JAVA XML parser has an API to write back a DOM tree
> > in an XML file.
> >
> > Does XML4C also has such an API.

> I had the same requirement. I couldn't find a direct API for this
> purpose, but there is some sample code for printing the DOM Tree in
>  (/xml4csrc2_3_1/samples/DOMPrint/DOMPrint.cpp).
> I could build an API using this code to achieve the purpose.
> But I will still like to know, if there is any direct API to achieve

XML4C currently does not provide any direct API to write back the
DOM tree as an XML file. Adding this feature is on our todo list.
As mentioned, DOMPrint is a good starting point.

> On trying to build a small program on HP-UX 11.0, I get the following
> error message
>     /Development/cupert/rahul/icu/lib/
>     No such file or directory
> I have put both the library ( & ) in the
> directory /xml4c2_3_1/lib
> and added it to the SHLIB_PATH environment variable.
> Why is the path "/Development/cupert/rahul/icu" being assumed ? from
> where is it coming from ?  Is this a bug where a path has been left
> hard coded in the library.  Has anyone encountered this problem
> before?

Reproducing the post from the AlphaWorks XML4C Discussion forum

The path represents the location of the ICU library at build time.
By default the linker stores the location of the external libaries
referenced in the target executable/library.

This in no way should affect your ability to link your applications.
The error message is indicating that you may not have installed the
ICU library or you have not set the SHLIB_PATH to point to the
directory containing the XML4C and the ICU libraries.

Even after setting this environment variable, if you are not able to
link, then we definitely have a problem. Let us know, we will

I hope you are using XML4C version 2.3.1 with ICU version 1.2.5.
Let us also know if you are using the binary or the source drop?

> Is it possible to purchase a support agreement on various XML parsers
> available in the market ?
> We plan to use IBM's XML4C parser on HP UX. Does IBM give customer
> support for it ?

If you just cannot live without support, then please contact us
at xml4c at and we will put you in contact with the right
person who will be able to give you details. I am told that support
is quite expensive.

> I tried to get some Y2K compliance statements from the vendors at one
> stage - IBM responded as follows:
> "The only official Y2K-certified version of the XML parser available
> through the IBM Websphere at this time is for XML4J".
> So you *might* get support for IBM's Java parser if it is purchased as
> part of Websphere (I don't think this applies to the XML4C C++ parser
> though).

This is correct. Websphere only provides support for XML4J and not XML4C.

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