Jelks Cabaniss jelks at jelks.nu
Fri Nov 5 22:24:21 GMT 1999

XMLDevGuy wrote:

> WML is a more advanced than HDML as it includes WMLScripting (for storing
> variables across multiple cards and access to special phone features),
> following the DTD for WML pretty much gives you everything that one needs to
> know for creating a Deck.  A Deck is also an XML Doc.
> Being an avid DHTML developer, is XHTML worth looking @ at this point?

Comparing [x]HTML to WML -- 5 years down the road when phones are using real web
browsers that can hit pages written for *everybody*, where do you think WML is
going to be left standing?  [x]HTML obviously has a future.  I'd be cautious
about spending much time with WML unless you absolutely *have* to author for
these current-generartion crippled 9.6Kbps (GSM) and 14.4Kbps (CDMA) devices.
I've played around with the "Wireless Web" on one of the new SprintPCS dual-band
Touchpoints, but I found it extremely painful -- and you can only read the
"special" WML or HDML pages.

You really ought to check out http://www.4k-associates.com/IEEE-L7-WAP-BIG.html

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