Grafting DOM on a C++ XML parser?

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Thu Nov 18 03:08:21 GMT 1999

Hopefully this is now cleared up with David's latest article

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Note: David Brownwell's conformance articles did NOT cover our IE5 COM based

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Subject: Grafting DOM on a C++ XML parser?

Sean of FalconWing wrote: 
>>(Note that there are add-on utilities to graft DOM and SAX2 support to 
>>various popular parsers too) 

We have been burnt with relying on MSXML.DLL, so we have chosen Dundas
Software's new C++ XML parser, which includes source code.  However, I was
disappointed to see that it doesn't support XML DOM.

What add-on utility exists to get the DOM on top of a C++ XML Parser class? 

Ben Berck 

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Hi Sean, everyone, 

David Brownell already wrote up a nice article about this at:
which I can't get to at the moment. 

His test driver can be found at

>From memory: 

On Wed, 17 Nov 1999, Sean Mc Grath wrote: 

> Fully 1.0 Compliant - Non Validating 
> ------------------------------------- 
4. Sun ProjectX 

> Fully XML 1.0 Compliant - Validating 
> ------------------------------------ 
2. Sun ProjectX 

> Non XML 1.0 Compliant - Non-Validating 
> -------------------------------------- 

> Non XML 1.0 Compliant - Validating 
> ---------------------------------- 
> nsgmls (C++) 
> xmlproc (Python) 

IBM XML4C (? I think) 

BTW, I think a more useful table would include what other features the 
parsers have, rather than just a strict compliance/validating judgement. 

Example features to consider would be: parser size (why I use aelfred), 
parser speed (why XP is a good choice), language supported (Java/C/C++), 
DOM1 support, DOM2 support, SAX support, SAX2 support, namespace support, 
external entities support, memory usage, maximum file size supported, 
and last but not least character set encodings supported. 

. . . Sean (not related =) 

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