Clarification on "Burnt by MSXML.DLL"

Ben Berck BBerck at
Thu Nov 18 14:25:08 GMT 1999

In a previous message, I wrote:
>>We have been burnt with relying on MSXML.DLL.

To clarify, the "Pre-DOM" C++ XML Parser seems to work fine.  

However, this requires that our clients have a particular version of IE
installed on their machines.  My company's tech support staff are constantly
getting calls about why something doesn't work.  Their problem is they don't
have an MSXML.DLL on their system!

The answer is: 
"You have to have IE4, SP1 installed."  This seems to upset a lot of our
corporate clients, who have chosen Netscape as their browser, and they don't
want to have anybody installing newer versions of IE.
Hence, "burnt."

In another project, I'm now using the IE5 DOM and have found it very easy to
use, especially with the VC++ 6.0 #import feature of the DLL. My only
complaint is that the error messages returned are almost always E_FAIL.
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