XML Implementation in IBM XML4J2_0_15 parser with XPath

Prakash Mandgi pmandgi at hotmail.com
Thu Oct 21 07:41:13 BST 1999

Hi All,
    I am running into a problem using the lotus XSL XPath implementation on IBM XML4J2_0_15. 

I have an rmi service which basically takes and XPath string ( query string ), runs it across a persisted DOM object, which is retrieved from the object database, and returns a document fragment back. The problem i am running into is creating a new document object of which the root element is the document fragment. I am trying to append to this root node, the nodes obtained from the XPath query. Unfortunately the implementation of IBM parsers is that it compares the nodes owner document with that of the element under which i need to insert the nodes. If the owner document are not the same, as it is my case, it will not allow you to append a child.

Is this a DOM thingie or is it at an IBM implementation feature.
Does any one have a way to work around this problem without cloning the document, which can be fairly large, and then creating a document fragment which has the Node list embedded within it.
Is there a better implementation than that IBM parser, with source code ;-) which has the following features
    - XPath integration
    - XML TreeDiff to find out the difference between two dom documents and then merging the two.
Has any one implemented DOM with copy constructors for the node impl etc objects ( I know its a C++ feature
but it makes life much simpler ;-) )

-- Java 1.2 implementation


- Need the entire source code in java  
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