Oracle SQL - XML Builder [ was : Is this Impossible !!]

Abhishek Srivastava abisheks at
Fri Oct 22 07:53:35 BST 1999

Hi ,

I tried the Oracle's SQL - XML utility and it does what i want.  Except a few things.

I generated the following XML file as a result to a query to my oracle database.

 <ROW num="1">
  <SPNAME>Huntington services Company             </SPNAME>
  <CUSTPERMID>123456789123456     </CUSTPERMID>
  <CUSTLOGINID>jamesb              </CUSTLOGINID>

The ROWSET and the ROW tags were introduced by the builder itself. I would like the document to look like :

<SPNAME>My Own Business  Services Company  </SPNAME>
  <CUSTPERMID>123456789123456     </CUSTPERMID>
  <CUSTLOGINID>jamesb              </CUSTLOGINID>
  <FIRSTNAME>james               </FIRSTNAME>
  <LASTNAME>Bond                </LASTNAME>

This is very important because this xml file will be sent to the client who will "validate" it. Since ROWSET and ROW are not a part of standard message format we use... an exception will be thrown.
Is there any way to customize the output from the builder so that it conforms to a predefined DTD ?

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