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Here's two ways:

1) Transform the Oracle output using and xslt stylesheet and one of the xslt processors like XT.
2) Write a script for a text- processing program like awk, perl, or python to change the tag names to the ones you want and delete the ones you don't.  This approach would be fast and easy.

Thomas Passin

From: Abhishek Srivastava 

  I tried the Oracle's SQL - XML utility and it does what i want.  Except a few things.
  I generated the following XML file as a result to a query to my oracle database.
   <ROW num="1">
    <SPNAME>Huntington services Company             </SPNAME>
    <CUSTPERMID>123456789123456     </CUSTPERMID>
    <CUSTLOGINID>jamesb              </CUSTLOGINID>
  The ROWSET and the ROW tags were introduced by the builder itself. I would like the document to look like :

  <SPNAME>My Own Business  Services Company  </SPNAME>
    <CUSTPERMID>123456789123456     </CUSTPERMID>
    <CUSTLOGINID>jamesb              </CUSTLOGINID>
    <FIRSTNAME>james               </FIRSTNAME>
    <LASTNAME>Bond                </LASTNAME>

  This is very important because this xml file will be sent to the client who will "validate" it. Since ROWSET and ROW are not a part of standard message format we use... an exception will be thrown.
  Is there any way to customize the output from the builder so that it conforms to a predefined DTD ?

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