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Lisa Lippert (Dusseault) (Platinum) lisal at microsoft.com
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Not sure what you're talking about...
 - If you're talking about traditional email messaging type features,
the next version of Exchange will expose some email properties in XML
over DAV.
 - If you're talking about document markup, Office 10 already supports
document metadata in XML, and the next version of Exchange will expose
that over DAV.
 - If you're talking about some combination of the two, then I don't
understand what the question is :)
I'll be discussing the Exchange XML functionality at the upcoming XMLOne
conference in Santa Clara on November 11.  

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I am interested in how popular XML has become for messaging type
features (eg XMLRPC and SOAP etc...) relative to traditional document
markup? - I see two distinct, but (possibly) similar markets.
Any exciting project undergo?

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