Undeclared namespace

Anand Raman anandram at wipsys.soft.net
Fri Oct 29 07:47:17 BST 1999

HI guys

I am getting a Reference to undeclared namespace "exp:" error for the
following code snippet when i try to view the document in IE 5. I have
successfully validated the documents using the XML4J parser and XMLPRO .

Also the problem doesnt occur when i dont associate the dtd in the XML
file . Why is this error appearing and what can be done to solve it

** DTD **
<!ELEMENT experience (project+)>
<!ATTLIST experience xmlns:exp CDATA #FIXED
<!ELEMENT project

** XML **
<experience xmlns:exp="http://www.angelfire.com/ar/diduknow/experience">

   <exp:title>Management Information Systems</exp:title>
   <employer>Infotech ESD</employer>
   <client>Finance Department</client>
   <exp:duration>till date</exp:duration>

Thanx a lot
Anand Raman

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