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Fri Oct 29 09:52:08 BST 1999

Hi all,

I am new to the marvels of XML which I am using in an E.D.I. context.

In UN-EDIFACT an interchange can built up from a 'mixed bag' of EDIFACT
Messages, which are then wrapped inside the interchange UNB/UNZ
while each message is bounded by it's own UNH/UNZ.

I have two questions here

Q1-Does XML support multiple document types in a file? iow could I wrap
several invoice docs, a couple of statement docs, and a report into one

Q2-I'd like to use some common fragments in several different documents,
preferably without replicating the definition in each DTD. Can I set up a
DTD fragment and then refer to it from within my document DTD, if so how?

Many Thanks

Anton Schoultz
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