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John Tigue john.tigue at
Fri Sep 17 23:02:31 BST 1999

I no longer invest any of my time in "RPC over HTTP via XML". So,
this message is related to politics not technology. If, for some
crazy reason, you're looking for a technical discussion (because this
is xml-dev) then get out now.

Don Park wrote: 
> The article was updated with Ann's comment added so it is
> more balanced now although the result is the same: there is
> trouble brewing for W3C. Since I am fairly certain that W3C
> will ignore all the arguments and concerns raised against
> three namespaces, I believe the divide between W3C and
> XML-DEV will continue to widen.
> I wonder why the SOAP spec was submitted to IETF rather
> than W3C? A new trend of sort?

Over the last few years, Microsoft has repeatedly submitted DCOM 
specs to the IETF. SOAP is just DCOM over HTTP. So I do not feel 
that Microsoft's actions with regards to SOAP can be used as 
evidence to support "a new trend" in Microsoft's behavior as it 
relates to the W3C and the IETF.

Here's an example of Microsoft submitting DCOM to the IETF, at
Quoting modulo formatting:

6. There were 152 Internet-Draft Actions during the month of
   January, 1998:
   Distributed Component Object Model Protocol --
   DCOM/1.0 <draft-brown-dcom-v1-spec-02.txt>

I do believe that SOAP will be discussed within the W3C. For 
example, the HTTP-NG Reading List at
contains a reference to a DCOM spec. Quoting:

The DCOM protocol (DCOM ORPC - issued as an IETF Internet draft
"draft-brown-dcom-v1-spec-01.txt". Expired, May 1996

Also, Microsoft has representation in the appropriate W3C WG, the
HTTP-NG Protocol Design Group (PDG). So I suspect that SOAP will 
come up during the group's meetings. Although I was briefly a 
member of the HTTP-NG PDG WG, I have not been active in the W3C 
since I left DataChannel almost a year ago so this is all
conjecture (hopefully without confidentiality concerns).

That said, I hope to never write another word about XML-RPC, SOAP,
WebBroker, or their ilk.


John Tigue
john.tigue at

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