ANN: XTech 2000 in San Jose

David Megginson david at
Tue Feb 1 02:25:47 GMT 2000

Steven R. Newcomb writes:

 > > We're also trying out a new evening event, called "Town Hall
 > > Meetings": on the Tuesday and Wednesday evenings, after dinner,
 > > we're going to hold open-mike town-hall meetings on key W3C
 > > standards.
 > Why limit the topics of discussion to "key W3C standards"?  

We had only two evenings available, and chose what we thought would
draw the most interest and controversy.  Schemas and Query are very
much on people's radar right now, judging from the level of discussion
on XML-Dev and other lists.  Other finalists included at least one
non-W3C topic, the SML stuff.

 > This doesn't sound like a Town Hall Meeting to me.  It sounds much
 > more like a meeting of a particular political party.  At a Town
 > Hall Meeting, by contrast, persons of all political persuasions and
 > allegiances can be heard, and all topics of common interest to the
 > residents of the Town can be discussed.

The town council sets the agenda, then the citizens come out to air
their views.  You can even mention HyTime when you have your turn at
the microphone, if you want.

All the best,


p.s. I left the W3C's XML Activity last fall, for personal reasons.

p.p.s. Should we hold a town hall on town halls?

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