Data models: Groves and tutti quanti.

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> So to make the story short, the DOM implicitly is an interface to
> so similar to the Grove that we can even say that what's behind is a Grove
> with a different Grove plan than the SGML grove plan. So, let's say that
> DOM is a Grove with an XML grove plan and that the info set are this Grove
> plan, even if the Info set is a bit fuzzy concerning the structure.

That's what the DOM WG was trying to do when we first wrestled with Groves.
Most of us would probably be a little more general and say that what's
behind the DOM *could be* an XML Grove plan, or it could be the proprietary
MS, Netscape, SoftQuad, Arbortext, Inso, etc. data structures which may or
may not look like Groves.  Or perhaps Groves is already a reasonable
abstraction for all these data structures .... I think we were agnostic on
that subject.

> <Book author="Didier PH Martin" publisher="Wrox"
> XML</Book>
> Then this element is transformed into
> object=Book
>    |___ property={author,Didier PH Martin}
>    |___ property={publisher,Wrox}
>    |____property={subject,XML}
>    |____property={content,Professional XML}
> Then if we want to build a hierarchy of elements we simply have:
>  object ----- set of properties
>     |____ object ----- set of properties
>     |____ object ----- set of properties
>             |____ object ----- set of properties

How about a mixed content example?  That's where my headache always starts
... What does

   <book> The book
         <title>Professional XML</title> by
         <author>Didier PH Martin</author>
         is available from

parse to? Is a "content" object what the DOM calls a TextNode?

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