ANN: SAX 2.0 extension proposals.

Jim Layer JBLayer at
Tue Feb 1 22:38:43 GMT 2000

Miles Sabin <msabin at> wrote:
> > The current implementation makes it easy to test with current 
> > (SAX1) parsers but I'd as soon see the system property related 
> > logic removed from ImplEnumeration (even though it does 
> > provide more flexibility, at least on paper
> <snip/>
> > You have to fool with CLASSPATH to add another parser anyway 
> > and it's easy enough to field a custom jar earlier in the 
> > CLASSPATH to produce the effect.
> I think you're probably right about taking that logic out of
> ImplEnumeration. And yes, you're right that there's not a lot
> of difference (in terms of difficulty of configuration)
> between adding a -D switch and adding something else to the
> CLASSPATH. I'll have a think and see if I can come up with
> something better. Any suggestions welcome.

I was perhaps too focused on *my* situation. Nosed around with some crude
(embedded) timing (should have done this first!) and those chunks of logic in
ImplEnumeration don't even show up on the radar. So that's (performance)
probably not a strong reason to tear it out (I doubt size is either) - and the
sort of automatic adapter idea might be helpful to others...
> > BTW Miles, shouldn't those strings be "static final"?
>   It is permitted, but strongly discouraged as a matter of 
>   style, to redundantly specify any or all of these modifiers 
>   for such fields

On the money as usual, Miles ;-)


Jim Layer

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