DOMs and data models

Paul Prescod paul at
Wed Feb 2 23:24:07 GMT 2000

Gavin Thomas Nicol wrote:
> I actually think that syntax is independent of data model, and that
> it is not necessary for the API to directly reflect the data model.

I didn't say it should "directly" reflect the data model. I said that it
should reflect it. You use the word "expose" below. What's the

> A data model is essentially a set of data structures, and an algebra
> for manipulating them. How they are exposed through an API is largely
> and application dependent question, as is the syntax.

Fine. You seem to agree that you need the data model so that you can
"expose" it through an API and syntax. You can't expose something until
it exists.

I've heard a couple of DOM-developers say that now (here and in
private). Perhaps we can call a moritorium on adding features to the DOM
*until the underlying data models* "exposed" by the features have been
published through a W3C REC. How about it?

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