ANN: SAX2-beta (2000-01-28)

David Brownell david-b at
Thu Feb 3 01:33:16 GMT 2000

David Megginson wrote:
> The beta release of SAX2/Java is now available for download ...

OK, a closely related announcement:  my package of SAX2 parsers and
other utilities has been updated to use those SAX2 beta APIs (with
some bugfixes, notably for feature/property IDs) and has now passed
its basic sanity tests.  It's at the usual URL:

The updates involved making all the parsers use the SAX2beta (only) APIs,
as well as the other utilities, documentation updates, and changes to most
of the simple examples.  Summary:

    - Parsers (count'em, six!):
	* AElfred (both new versions; the nonvalidating one supports SAX1)
	* A DOM parser (works with L1 and L2 DOM)
	* Wrapper for Sun's Swing HTML parser (reports XHTML namespace)
	* Wrapper for Sun's TR2 parsers
	* Wrapper for Oracle's current parser
    - DOM builder support (works with L1 or L2 DOMs)
    - XML processing pipeline package (including validator component)
    - Utilities to write XML and XHTML text
    - Simple example programs
    - etc

As before, the AElfred and Sun parsers support both optional handlers,
and the DOM parser supports the lexical handler.

That's a lot.  I consider this to be a destabilizing update; for example,
I've been noticing that the SAX2 'namespace-prefixes = false' default
breaks a variety of things.  So the previous version is still availble,
and I'll expect to get some bug reports!

See the "index.html" file in the distribution for full details.  It's also
accessible from that URL above without downloading the distribution; follow
the link to the "SAX2 XML Utilities" that's not a download link.

- Dave

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