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Lisa Rein lisarein at finetuning.com
Fri Feb 4 11:03:08 GMT 2000

bob asked:
> So, I'll ask once again: has anyone else tackled this problem?  Has a
> solution been hammered out which we just haven't succeeded in finding
> yet (for example, is there a later version of the XQL draft than the
> one from last summer)?

Yes, just about everything's been tackled. If you want query language
serendipity just go to the listing of position papers from the W3C's
query language workshop in dec '98. Those 56 position papers from the
great minds of the world ought to just about cover all of the bases.  
it's at:


Notice that there are FIVE different papers from Microsoft.
Two address XQL intensely and from every angle:

three others aren't about xql at all:

I created a complete listing of those same (56) position papers indexed
and alphabatized by organization/institution at:


for an article i wrote last march for xml.com at:


Several xml query working group participants are quoted in the article
-- alas, they were talking then much more than they are now :-) But it's
no big secret that they've go their work cut out for them, integrating
those 56 papers into a cohesive and usable specification.

Most of the position papers are quite interesting reading actually --
the query language requirements of numerous prestigious organizations
and companies, each explaining its own specialized needs, and the
problems it has encountered thus far, and whatever solutions have been
found, if any, etc.

Anyway, hope that helps.



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