ANN: Oracle XSQL Pages & XSQL Servlet

Steve Muench smuench at
Sat Jan 8 09:13:04 GMT 2000

Oracle is excited to announce the technology preview
release of Oracle XSQL Pages and the XSQL Servlet with major
new functionality.

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XSQL Pages are server-side XML templates that make it easy
to exploit the powerful combination of SQL, XML and XSLT to
prototype and deploy dynamic, data-powered sites and web

The XSQL Servlet installs into your favorite Java Servlet
environment and works with your favorite relational database,
making it dead easy to:
  -> Assemble XML "DataPages" from multiple SQL Query
     Results (including full support for Oracle8i's
     richly-structured XML Objects Views), local or remote
     XML resources, Stored Procedure Calls, etc.

  -> Transform the "DataPages" in the server using XSLT,
     optionally using stylesheets that are appropriate to
     the requesting client, including the ability to
     let the client to the stylesheet processing for IE5
     or other clients in the future that support this.

Our online support forum for XML is at:

The XSQL Servlet demos (included in the release) are
installed on Oracle's OTN site and can be tested from the
comfort of your browser before you download if you choose:

This new release includes...

More Documentation
More extensive documentation and new tutorial material.

New Demos
New and enhanced demos with additional notes describing key
points each demo is trying to illustrate.

New API's and JavaDoc
Programmatically process XSQL Pages from your own Java
programs using a new XSQLRequest object, as well as write
custom page "action handlers" with new JavaDoc and
example code.

New Features

The <query> element from previous releases is now part of
the xsql namespace and is referred to using the new
<xsql:query> syntax in your XSQL Page. A new section details
how to use <xsql:query> to produce XML query results with
nested structure.
Do DML and call stored procedures anywhere you need to in
your XSQL Pages.

Use parametrized XSLT Stylesheets and set the stylesheet
parameter values from your XSQL Page.

Automatically insert posted XML or HTML Form parameters into
the database.

Include arbitrary XML resources at any point in your page by
relative or absolute URL.

Include key information like HTTP Parameters, Session
Variable values and Cookies into your XSQL Page for
addressing them in your stylesheet.
Include the results of one XSQL Page at any point inside
another. This allows sophisticated combinations of multiple
XML data sources and multiple XSLT transformations.

Include the results of executing a stored procedure that
makes use of the Oracle Web Agent (OWA) packages inside the
database to generate XML.

Invoke a user-defined action handler, implemented in Java,
for executing custom logic and including custom XML
information into your XSQL Page.

Steve Muench, Consulting Product Manager & XML Evangelist
Business Components for Java Development Team

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