[RE: SAX2/Java: Towards a final form]

James Layer JBLayer at netscape.net
Wed Jan 12 21:04:16 GMT 2000

Miles Sabin <msabin at cromwellmedia.co.uk> wrote:

>I don't think dropping 'extends Parser' should impact on this
>in any really significant way. Intially I would expect almost
>all parsers to implement both XMLReader _and_ Parser for SAX1
>compatibility, so you'd have a fair breathing space during 
>which casting from the former to the latter would be safe.

>Actually, one of my worries is that having XMLReader extend
>a deprecated interface will cause javac/jikes/javadoc to spit
>out warnings or errors ... not a big deal, perhaps, but a bit
>of a pain (I'm one of those people who habitually set the
>'treat warnings as errors' flag on all my tools ;-).

In addition to a wide miss on the downcast thing (as David pointed out), I
also forgot about deprecation warnings across the board. Better for the clean
break, new methods on my end, and I confine any deprecation (forced by my
logic) to the old stuff.

Now I'll confine the few synapses I apparently have running to getting my list
replies in context... ;)


Jim Layer

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