String interning (WAS: SAX2/Java: Towards a final form)

David Brownell david-b at
Thu Jan 13 21:19:31 GMT 2000

"Simon St.Laurent" wrote:
> At 12:41 PM 1/13/00 -0800, David Brownell wrote:
> >"Clark C. Evans" wrote:
> >>
> >> There are going to be lots of server side filter
> >> architectures using the SAX interface which may
> >> not do this.  Indeed, I'd say that the "parser"
> >> interface is mis-named.  It's really an "emitter".
> >> And I'd go so far to say that in a few years,
> >> 99% of the "emitters" out there won't be parsers!
> >
> >I sort of hope so.  XML data models shouldn't be
> >forced to stop right above parsing; it's not always
> >appropriate.  It should certainly be possible to
> >assemble pipelines of components which may optionally
> >be sourced by a parser, but don't need to be.
> This is a serious concern for me - I'd be happy to see the terminology
> change from 'parser' to 'emitter' - it'd make explaining the inputs and
> outputs on SAX2 ParserFilters a lot easier.

My pipeline framework has "producer" and "consumer".

The filters are what go between those two, though a
producer can't tell a filter from any other kind of

> Funny how much rides in a name.

It's central to explaining architectures -- gotta get
the connotations right.

- Dave

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