Great controversies of XML

David Megginson david at
Fri Jan 14 00:06:45 GMT 2000

"Simon St.Laurent" <simonstl at> writes:

> I'm pondering a list of "XML's greatest technical controversies" for
> a training session.  They're areas I plan to cover in greater depth
> once we get past the basics.
> So far, I've got:
> 1. Namespaces
> 2. Whitespace, Ignorable or Otherwise
> 3. External Entities
> 4. External Resource Support in General
> 5. Choosing Elements vs. Attributes
> 6. Internal Subsets

Don't forget verbosity (binary formats and compression), mixed
content, schema/DTD repositories, comments, processing instructions,
character encodings, data typing, document and schema composition, the
single root element, required end tags, packaging multi-part
documents, etc. etc.

Come to think of it, I remember most of these from comp.text.sgml back
in 1993 and 1994.  We're not very original, are we?

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