org.xml.sax.helpers.InternMap ?

Stefan Haustein haustein at
Fri Jan 14 14:09:51 GMT 2000

"Clark C. Evans" wrote:
> On Thu, 13 Jan 2000, Tim Bray wrote:
> > Yes.   Given that *every* credible parser does this, and that it's
> > a major convenience for programmers using the API to be able to compare
> > strings with ==, there is at some level an argument that we ought to
> > expose this fact.
> There are going to be lots of server side filter
> architectures using the SAX interface which may
> not do this.  Indeed, I'd say that the "parser"
> interface is mis-named.  It's really an "emitter".
> And I'd go so far to say that in a few years,
> 99% of the "emitters" out there won't be parsers!
> So, requiring the authors of those emitters
> to be aware of Java "intern" is streaching it.

Maybe we could agree on interning if a simple unsynchronized local 
interning hashtable (able to work on String, char [] and StringBuffer
parts) is
included in org.xml.sax.helpers? 

My original argument was that interning would simplify namespace
since namespace == null can occur in attributes.

> and compile it as
>   ( lhs == rhs | lhs.equals(rhs) )

(lhs == rhs || lhs.equals (rhs))

seems difficult for a java compiler: you could implement equals
false allways, e.g. in a kind of "Random" object :-)  

However, you can add 

  if (this == rhs) return true;

to your equals implementation (ok, for String SUN should do that if not
already done). 

Stefan Haustein
University of Dortmund
Computer Science VIII

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