SAX2: org.xml.sax.helpers.SAXUtils

David Megginson david at
Fri Jan 14 16:34:31 GMT 2000

Instead of the old ParserFactory class, I'm considering creating a
general SAXUtils class, containing only static methods.  Here's what
I've thought of so far:

 public static void registerXMLReader (XMLReader reader);

 public static XMLReader getXMLReader ();

 public static XMLReader getXMLReader (String featuresWanted[],
                                       String featuresNotWanted[]);

 public static String makeAbsoluteURL (String url);

I wonder, though, if the register/getXMLReader stuff is even
appropriate for such a low-level URI, or whether it should be left for
higher layers.

I've also added makeAbsoluteURL because it's a method that I end up
cutting and pasting pretty much every time I write a SAX app.  Is
there anything else in this category?  I don't want this class to grow
too large, but we can add any really essential stuff like that.


All the best,


David Megginson                 david at

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