Great controversies of XML

David Brownell david-b at
Fri Jan 14 19:58:10 GMT 2000

Steven Champeon wrote:
> On Thu, 13 Jan 2000, Tim Bray wrote:
> > >6. Internal Subsets
> >
> > Shouldn't that just be 6. DTDs?
> Or, "SGML DTDs vs. Schemae"?

Make that "XML" DTDs, since SGML ones (like the HTML 4.0 DTD)
can't work in XML!

I'd actually generalize this:

6. How do I formalize my data models?

DTDs being one choice.  There are several schema based solutions,
as well as a variety of algorithmic ones.

Most tool vendors will gladly explain to you why their tool is
better than all the others, and politely dodge the issue of
which one is better for your particular task ... I'm a huge
believer that there will not be (and should not be) a single
"one size fits all" approach.

If nothing else, I'll point to the way human civilization
evolved over the past millenia to accomodate diversity.
That is, when it's not focussed on wars to eliminate it!
Data modeling has always been a microcosm of that.

- Dave

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