String interning (WAS: SAX2/Java: Towards a final form)

David Brownell david-b at
Fri Jan 14 20:35:02 GMT 2000

Miles Sabin wrote:
> David Brownell wrote,
> > Nope -- I want to see it _exposed_ but not mandated.  It's
> > actually OK if parsers do this only for their own benefit,
> > but it's more useful if apps can tell when it's being done.
> OK, how does that pan out? Querying for String.intern() support
> via a getFeature() call? That'd work, but you need to spell it
> out a bit more, because the naive way of taking advantage of
> interning in a ContentHandler looks disgusting,
>   if(hasInterning)
>   {
>     ...
>   }
>   else
>   {
>     ...
>   }

I had in mind more like

    if (!hasInterning)
	throw new ConfigurationError ("get me a different parser");

For apps that don't care, they won't check the feature.  For
those that do care, getting a parser that's not correctly
featured would be just another class of configuration bug.

- Dave

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