file extension naming conventions

Steven Champeon schampeo at
Fri Jan 14 21:54:27 GMT 2000

Over the past few months, I've noticed quite a few different file
extensions being used, by the W3C and elsewhere, to describe XML and
XML-related documents:

 .xml - xml files
 .dtd - document type definitions

Fair enough - these are defined in RFC 2376:

In addition, I've seen (and used):

 .xsl - XSL files
 .css - pretty obvious, CSS files

I don't know if these are defined (along with their corresponding MIME
type/subtype) as the others seem to be in RFC 2376.

Elsewhere, however, I've seen the following:

 .ent - entities
 .xsd - XML Schema Document?
 .mod - used in the XHTML modularization efforts

I'm just curious how many more there are, and whether there has been
any effort to document them a la RFC 2376.

TIA for any pointers,

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