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New Technologies from alphaWorks (

Palm Pilot Unix Admin Tool

This extensible, XML based PalmPilot application allows you to
perform basic system administration functions on RS/6000
machines by simply tapping on your Palm Pilot.  This means no
keyboard, monitor, mouse, or specialized AIX skills are necessary.

Download Snapp here:,t=snap1

XML Master

The XMas application is used to design both visual and non-visual beans
to work with a particular XML document (e.g., select the XML elements
that your application needs to work with and use the tool to design the
layout for an editor to work with those elements).  XMas creates
the necessary Java code for the beans and places them in a jar file in the
location specified.

Download Xmas here:,t=xmas1


XSL Editor

The IBM XSL Editor application allows a user to import, create, and
save XSL and XML source documents.  Release 2 includes enhanced
editing capability with syntax highlighting, improved installation
for different platforms, and the ability to run the transform
without tracing.

Download XSL Editor here:,t=xsled


An experimental implementation of the Construction Rules section
of the XSL World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Working Draft. New update
includes a wrapper for the latest version of Xalan, with bug fixes
and performance work. Also works with XML4J 3.0.0EA3. For details
read the README.html file.

Download LotusXSL here:,t=loxsl

Need help with XML?  Ask the developerWorks Experts.  Submit your
questions here:,t=g,p=experts

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