The DOM and the victim, the iconoclast and the believer

Didier PH Martin martind at
Sun Jan 16 20:05:04 GMT 2000

Hi David,

After checking twice I discovered that you probably meant (again it may
depend for each IDL to C++ mapping.


Sorry, I was checking for getimplementation but it is more "Implementation"
which is mapped on several IDL to C++ as "get_Implementation()".

So you are right David, DOM level 1 got the capability for level or feature
support probing. However, everything that I said about the impedance
mismatch in the case of early binding about the Mozilla XPCOM, the WINE and
Microsoft DCOM, remains true. Because the node interface changed, the C++
client will simply get a system error also more commonly called an
application crash. So, the solution to have a non-changing interface to
probe the provider capabilities remains, or that W3C declare that XPCOM and
DCOM are heretics that only deserved to be excommunicated from the Web dev
community :-)))

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