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Len Bullard cbullard at
Mon Jan 17 06:06:19 GMT 2000

Robert La Quey wrote:
> Well, open up the game and you will get a lot more resources.  Not
> money, but the scarce resource, brains and imagination.
> I don't see Linus complaining about a lack of resource for Linux.
> Some people might have to give up some control though. But again I don't see
> Linus asking for permission to axe stuff he does not like.

Tim can't fix this.  The consortium has to fix it.  Insiders can push 
for it, but that is it.   It will take a political process to change it 
and the signatories need a reason.  Free rational help is one if they 
know they need it and it works for their interests.  So far, they don't 
see a problem.

Don't look to the W3C for open standards.  It makes recommendations; 
writes specs.  These are the products of a consortia.  A consortia 
is a lot like a monopoly.  As the Lily Tomlin joke went, "we're the 
phone company.  We don't have to care."  Well, before cable, that 
was right in this business too.  Things can change.  It takes a 
compelling interest.  Right now, as the money goes, there is no 
interest in changing the W3C processes.  Some group will have to 
get very hungry or ambitious for that to happen.  So far, I don't 
see a candidate.  You will see other powers take more active interest 
in the timeliness and functionality of the consortia products. 
Ensuring an economy gives them a compelling interest.  They  
have their own culture for acquiring product.  Acquisition has rules.

It isn't Linux.  Linux is code, a product too, but the 
differences are: no one owns it, and it's important authority is a 


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