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Lee Anne Phillips leeanne at
Mon Jan 17 08:05:25 GMT 2000

We're all discussing this topic by means of a pervasive medium developed 
using the open RFC consensus process, RFC-822 et al., which has been 
adopted by every e-mail system manufacturer in the world. If they don't 
play by *our* rules, they can't sell their products.

At Monday 1/17/00 02:01 AM -0500, Michael Champion wrote:

<Lots of good points snipped>

>This is not to say that there should not be a truly open Web standards
>organization.  Such a thing might function well as an association of
>individual technical experts (representing themselves rather than speaking
>for their employers), e.g. the ad hoc group that produced SAX.  I suspect
>that such a process can produce quick and simple standards that put a
>minimum amount of order in place where none existed, or to agree on subsets
>of existing specs that we can all REALLY support.  But when it comes to the
>really nasty questions that are as much political and economic as technical,
>such an organization would have no way of getting its result to be adopted.

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