Costs of the W3C

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Mon Jan 17 19:50:20 GMT 2000

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> And in my experience, it *takes* that 20% just to stay on top of the
> issues so that when you say something, it's well-informed and useful. 
> It's a problem. -T.

Wow, you can do that with just 8 hours a week?  :)  In my experience, that's
just enough to take a sip from the firehose without getting my lips ripped
off.  Rarely enought time to also think up solutions - comments are
tantamount to pleas for the people doing the designing to pay attention to
your concerns.  In an open process there would at least be the possibility
that sheer numbers would help ensure everybody's concerns are addressed.  Or
at least find out if others share those concerns.


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